Infant Massage FAQs

1)  What’s the age range for babies in the class?
There are 3 age groupings for classes:  a)  Prenatal:  in 3rd trimester – through 1st month;  b) Infant:  4wks – 3/4 months;  c) 4 months+

2)  How long is a class?
Class time is 60-90 min depending, weekly for 4-5 weeks

3)  What if I can’t make it to all of the sessions?  Are makeup classes available?
Classes rotate every 5 weeks, so you may pick up a week later or there may be a class offered on a different day of the same week.

4)  Can I take the infant massage class before my baby is born?
Yes!  Please join the Prenatal class and learn and practice the strokes on a doll.  When your baby arrives, you can begin massaging them in the first weeks after birth.  A special follow up class will be scheduled once all the babies in the Prenatal class are born.

5)  Can both mom and dad attend the same series?  Is there an additional cost?
Yes, both parents are welcomed to attend.  No, there is no additional cost.

6)  Can my Grandparents/Caregiver take the class?
Not initially.  When doing infant massage it is a deeply bonding experience and we want the parent’s to establish this first, before letting other family/caregivers provide the massage on a regular basis.  Once the parent’s take the class, then other family/caregivers are welcome to participate.